The company Chatzimichail A&x O.E. has been established at 1991 with a small famigliar shop at the center of Larissa city at Ifestou street.

Today, the company is resided at a new and modern, owner establishment building, at 3o Klm of circulate road Trikalon in Larissa of Greece.

We also have other installations of owners:

• At Dilofos of Larissa (Fertilizers Stock)
• At Eleftherio of Larissa (Propagating material - Seeds of Sowing)
• Other Rent Stocks at all region in Larissa


Our company is fully equipped with all types of owner trucks, heavy and light, and also with many lift machines for early, effective and safe delivery of the products at the site of our clients.
The company has a best collaboration with all known pesticide multinationals Syngenta, Bayer, Basf, Pioneer and also with all the Greek companies who operate with these products.
The company has also developed a well organised wholesale network with many selected agricultural shops in all Greece.
Elefthere of Larissa
In region Elefthere there is an other own facility and warehouse for our productions. Every year we collect a huge quantity of seeds from several regions an we store them in this warehouse. These seeds are being refined, cleaned, packaged and certificated for the next sowing.
Dendra of Larissa
In region Dendra there are other associated facilities of refrigerators and machinery for packing fruits. These fruits are collected from the surrounding area and maintained in refrigerators until to be exported.
Our local producers supply us with: pears, peaches, apples, grapes, chestnut and dried fruit like pistachio, almonds and walnuts
Dilofos of Larissa
The company has its own facility and warehouse of fertilizers and other merchandises in Dilofos, a village close to Larissa.